Introduced in 1995, daily disposable contact lenses are worn during the day, discarded every night and replaced with fresh lenses every morning. Eliminating the need for contact lens solution and cases, daily contact lenses can often be a great, and convenient, choice for many individuals. Some benefits and considerations when choosing your contact lenses –

  • Daily contact lens wearers get clear, irritant-free vision because they are using new lenses every day, avoiding the buildup of deposits that can irritate eyesight and cloud vision.
  • Wearers experience the convenience of being able to throw away lenses after each use – no need to carry contact lens solution or cases around with you. Just toss the lenses when you remove them.
  • Allergy sufferers may find daily disposable contacts to be more conducive to their eye health, as irritants such as pollen and dust are not retained on lenses.
  • When purchasing daily lens (averaging $0.75 – $1.00 a pair), it may seem that they are more expensive than longer wear lenses, but due to the savings on cleaning supplies and cases, which can cost upwards of $100 per year, they are often a better value
  • Daily disposables are a great choice for individuals with a particularly active lifestyle, including people who play sports or engage in frequent physical exercise, or those who travel often.

Daily lenses are available in many different brands and prescription types. If you think you might be interested or want more information, talk with your optometrist for an evaluation to see if daily contact lenses are the right choice for your eye health and lifestyle.