Once the signature accessory of your favorite state trooper, the classic aviator has become a must-have for today’s summer fashion collection. Originally designed in the 1936 by Ray Ban to protect airplane pilots’ eyes while flying (therefore the namesake), these awesome sunglasses maximize both the protection and the coolness factors. Who can forget Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Nowadays, you can find aviators in all shapes, colors, and sizes. We’ve put together a list of our 2014 favorites for you, all available from Primary Eyecare! With brand names like  Salt. Optics and Ray Ban at the top of the list, there’s no need to look anywhere else.

Salt. Optics

We can’t say enough about our friends at Salt. Optics, an independent lifestyle company that creates premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well. Their frames are handcrafted in Japan, made of the very best quality materials and craftmanship. Be sure to check out the Hirschfelder, a new aviator just introduced this spring!


Ray Ban

The first aviator and arguably still the most popular. Ray Ban has modernized its nearly 80-year old brand, while still keeping the iconic look started so many years ago. Possibly the most iconic style, The Classic is one of our most popular sunglass frames! Your beloved Ray Ban aviators are now also available with color gradients, full color mirrors, and polarized lenses too.


We carry many different frames at each location, and if you are looking for something in particular from Salt or Ray Ban that we don’t have in store, we would be happy to order it for you!

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We’d love to see you in a new aviator this summer!