As we age, our eyes change. Around age 40, our eyes gradually begin to lose their ability to focus on things close up, a condition called presbyopia. It will eventually happen to everyone, and unfortunately it’s an unavoidable part of growing old. Many people begin using cheap “reader” glasses to help them read things up close, but this quick fix often creates more hassle than benefit.

These drug store “readers” don’t offer any help for mid-range or distance vision, so some people opt for bifocals (including two prescriptions: one for close-range reading and one for distance vision). The hard line shift seen through these lenses is disconcerting to most people, to put it mildly, not to mention the hurdles involved with “training” your eyes to use these lenses.

Standard bifocals will provide clear reading and crisp distance vision, but the mid-range will necessarily remain blurry. Today, spectacular advances in lens technology offer a more natural solution with progressive lenses, giving you sharp vision at all three distances with smooth transitions in between. Prescriptions that are too strong or too weak can cause headaches, fatigue, and more. Progressive lenses can offer complete personalization to optimize your sight on an individual basis.

The Varilux S Series lenses are the most advanced progressive lenses on the market today. These lenses provide all the benefits of other popular Varilux lens designs, while eliminating the “off-balance” feeling sometimes experienced when wearing other progressive lenses. Whatever the distance, whatever the situation, Varilux S Series gives you clear vision throughout the lens. You can see the difference immediately.


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Get edge-to-edge clarity

Varilux S Series lenses with SynchronEyes™ Technology help your eyes actually work better together, so you get clearer vision from left to right and top to bottom.

Eliminate that off-balance feeling

Ordinary progressive lenses can create a disconcerting, swimming, off-balance feeling… like the world around you is moving. Varilux S Series lenses use revolutionary Nanoptix™ Technology to virtually eliminate the off-balance feeling, providing a more natural visual experience giving you more confidence on the go.

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