MODO Eyewear has been a leader in sustainability and social responsibility in the eyeglass industry.  MODO Eyewear has made a commitment to helping children see better and has recently launched a program to provide free comprehensive eye care to needy children.

Children in high poverty areas in the world often do not have access to eye care, and many causes of blindness are preventable or treatable.  MODO Eyewear is reaching out to these communities to help children who cannot access or afford essential eye care.

Children who see clearly can perform better in school, increasing their chances of success in the future.  Comprehensive eye care gives children the opportunity to excel in school and reduce poverty.  By ensuring that all students in low-income countries learn basic reading skills, extreme poverty could be cut as much as 12% globally.

In 2016, the CEO of MODO Eyewear, Alessandro Lanaro traveled with Seva Foundation to remote areas of Delhi, India to see the work being done through MODO Eyewear ’s pledge for social responsibility.

Alessandro Lanaro reported, “I was extremely excited to travel to India and be a part of helping people in need to see.  I believe in going directly into the field and gaining first-hand experience of the good our programs do, but also learning ways we can help even more in the future.”

When you purchase a MODO Eyewear frame, you join the mission in helping children in need see better. The Buy A Frame – Help A Child See program by MODO Eyewear provides free vision screenings, teacher training, optometrist exams, and free prescription glasses or free corrective treatments and surgeries.  Every MODO Eyewear  frame you purchase helps a child see!

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