CooperVision has released MyDay silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses to the U.S. market with great success.  MyDay contact lenses set a new standard for premium daily disposable contact lens.  MyDay lenses provide an incredible level of softness and comfort, and include the healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel.

MyDay daily disposable lenses are made with Smart Silicone, an innovative technology that combines the best of hydrogel and silicone hydrogel lenses.  Smart Silicone maximizes oxygen permeability in a lens that is only 4.4% silicon, which leaves more room for built-in channels of moisture.

MyDay lenses are both exceptionally comfortable and highly breathable, which places it among the top lens safety category.  The lens material is incredibly thin and smooth, which gives you the feeling that you’re not wearing contact lenses at all.

Added Ultraviolet Light Protection Built Right In!

MyDay lenses are naturally wettable, unlike surface coated lenses. Built-in UV protection* filters 85% of UVA and 96% of UVB rays, helping promote long-term ocular health.

With a smooth lens surface and rounded edge, MyDay daily disposable lenses incorporate an advanced lens design to provide a more natural feeling as the eyelid glides effortlessly over the lens. Testing shows that MyDay lenses are not only comfortable when first worn, but they also have excellent comfort over the course of the day.

If you are looking for a contact lens that is ultra-comfortable and breathable, try MyDay daily disposable contact lenses.  MyDay lenses maintain moisture and will keep your eyes comfortable all day long.  Make an appointment today with one of our highly qualified contact lens technicians here at Primary Eyecare!

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