Patient Testimonials

I had my first appointment at Primary Eye Care on Barracks yesterday and it was wonderful. Not only was the staff friendly, professional and thorough, the office was clean and welcoming. I have to give my compliments not only to Dr. Hanning who made sure my questions were answered and I was comfortable with my next steps, but also to Tara. She was phenomenal! Tara took extra time out of her schedule to make sure I was satisfied with what I was getting. She was honest and knew what she was talking about. All around a pleasant experience. I highly recommend this practice.

-Olivia S.

If you don’t have an eye doctor (and even if you do) I highly recommend Primary Eyecare. With two locations and Saturday hours at one, an appointment is easy to make. The place is clean and the staff is always friendly. I have loved it here since becoming a patient years ago. Come on over and join me. You’re gonna love it. Oh and they take really good care of your eyes too.

-Shawn C.

I was recently in a bad car accident and am currently using a wheelchair. I lost my glasses in my accident and desperately needed to have an eye exam to get new glasses. The staff and Dr. Janice were more than accommodating and so worried about my pain and what I had gone through. They made sure I didn’t have to get up and down any more than absolutely necessary. I had been seen there many times before but this was my absolute best experience. I will still be continuing to be a patient at Primary Eyecare as I have been for many years but after the past few week it was really refreshing to see how caring people can really be.

-Rachel E.

I am completing this survey for my 89 year old Mom, and we could not have asked for a better experience for her! I am an HR Director in the hospitality field and continually train staff in all areas of customer service. Your staff could not have been more accommodating from the moment we drove up. Mom uses a wheelchair and your entire staff was wonderful in making both of us very welcome! Dr. Henderson not only is very knowledgeable, but was so wonderful to my Mom which means the world to me. Thank you to you and your staff for making a doctor’s appointment into a great experience and day for my Mom who is not able to go very many places. I wish all doctor’s offices were as accommodating and customer service friendly as you have made your business! THANK YOU! You made a tough trip to a doctor’s office into an extremely pleasant afternoon outing for my Mom:)

-Mary B.

When I visited Primary Eyecare I was in the midst of moving out of an apartment, changing locations, and getting ready to go abroad for a semester. I needed glasses very quickly, as my other ones had just broken, and they were so prompt and helpful it was amazing. The doctor was absolutely wonderful, and when they decided that the glasses I had were beyond repair, they updated my prescription and got new ones to in the same day! Excellent staff and excellent service.

-Madeline B.

I love that my Optometrist takes the time to make sure the contacts he recommends are right for me and I am given a trial period to see how comfortable they are before having to order a yearly supply and if they are not its back to the drawing board to find what I am most comfortable with. Thank-you for all your time and friendliness!!

-Andrea P.

Primary Eyecare is extremely clean, up-to-date, convenient, and all the staff are incredibly friendly. Our entire family (there are four of us) see the doctors of Primary Eyecare and couldn’t be happier with the exceptional care we receive! This is THE place to go when you need eye care. Absolutely the best in the area!

-N. Thompson

Primary Eye Care has a wonderful staff. The doctor was very enthusiastic, friendly and kind. She spoke to me like a person instead of a patient. The staff was also very friendly and open to conversation. The office is delightful, clean and fresh feeling. All in all, simply a great experience!

-Taryn S.

I always have such a great experience at Primary Eyecare. Not only is everyone friendly, kind and helpful but the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and extremely patient. They always take their time to explain the in’s and out’s of your exam and you can always contact the doctors directly should you have any questions after. I am always so pleased with how affordable their exams, glasses and contacts are and I would highly recommend Primary Eyecare to anyone! Incredible service!

-Jamie S.

During my most recent visit, the doctors and assistants were very helpful, and they took a personal interest in the state of my vision. The doctor was genuinely concerned about some minor symptoms I reported, and took the time to really get to the root of the problem. I absolutely would recommend these guys to anyone in the area looking for an awesome optometrist.

-Michael H.

I felt so comfortable with Dr. DiGirolamo. She was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I left her office feeling like I had just visited a long-time friend.

-Tina A.

From the first phone call to make the appointment I was very impressed. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and organized. They were able to accommodate the time of appointment I needed and got me in quickly. They were informative and patient while I decided on new frames, including taking my picture with an iPad with different frames on for me to view to compare. I felt like I got a very comprehensive exam and will definitely recommend and return.

-Stephanie V.

I always love going for my eye appointment with Primary Eyecare. All of the people working there are awesome and very courteous. This is a place where true customer service is practiced!!!

-Sharon S.

Service was excellent. My exam was conducted in a timely manner, and all my questions were answered. The staff was very friendly and provided a comfortable atmosphere. Would highly recommend.


From the warm welcome at the front desk through the eye exam and sales experience, it was a great place to do business! I would recommend it to anyone in need of and exam or new glasses! Tracy at the front desk was a ray of sunshine, and Dr. Huntzberry couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating regarding my endless questions. I was very comfortable throughout my visit and would certainly use their services in the future!

-Paul B.

The staff is wonderful from the receptionists to the doctors, technicians, and opticians. I always have a positive experience and have recommended this office to friends and coworkers.


Minimal wait time. Courteous service. Friendly approach. Thorough evaluation and suggestions for treatment. Excellent follow-up program. Lens purchase process and payment is smooth.

-John D.

Friendliest, most thorough, efficient experience I have ever had at an eye appointment. This office runs like a well-oiled machine. Totally different experience for me!

-Dana K.

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