For the competitor in us all, there is a distinct advantage, if we are vision-impaired, to wear contact lenses while playing sports. For some, eyeglasses are more comfortable or more practical in the office or while at home. But on the field, contacts often offer some distinct advantages that include:

  • Clear and unobstructed vision – Contacts do not distort or block out any vision in the same manner that eyeglass frames do. Contacts are also much less likely to fog up or get wet during rain and further disrupt normal vision. Lastly, glasses do not typically wrap around your eye and improve peripheral vision in the way that contacts do.
  • Less chance of an injury – Eyeglasses break and contacts don’t. The fewer things that break in close range to your eyes, the better it is for your vision.
  • Sustained stable vision – Eyeglasses are much more prone to movement during running or other physical activities. Contacts are not prone to movement at all.
  • Safety equipment – Ever try to fit a catcher’s helmet over your glasses? How about swimming goggles? The way that glasses protrude from the face does not allow easy compatibility to most sports headgear and safety equipment.

So, if playing sports is your thing, it could be wise to start carrying around a set of contacts in your sports bag.