To qualify for a driver’s license in the Commonwealth of Virginia, your vision must be at least 20/40 (with or without glasses.) If you have vision problems in one eye, your other eye must be able to see 20/40. Visual acuity and peripheral vision are both important to safe driving. Many factors such as outdated eyeglasses, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, or macular degeneration can substantially impair your eyesight, making it no longer safe or legal to operate a vehicle.


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Make sure to have your eyes examined on a regular basis. The doctors at Primary Eyecare test for and diagnose the many sources of visual reduction, and prescribe solutions to maximize your visual performance. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a new pair of eyeglasses with updated prescription lenses.  Other times it may necessitate additional testing to detect conditions such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Our professional team is prepared to guide you through all possible findings in order to provide an effective custom treatment plan.


To learn more about the effects of aging on safe driving visit and schedule your Vision and Ocular Health Examination with your Doctor at Primary Eyecare.


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