1. We offer a huge selection of frames and sunglasses that you can actually try on and touch . . . to see how you look and how the frame feels on your face. Our opticians will help you find the perfect style, size, and color in your price range. We are happy to order additional frames or colors for you to see and try on if desired.

2. You will be assured of getting the highest quality lenses and frames. Online and discount vendors often use inferior products, because it is hard for the consumer to tell the difference – at first. We will help you understand the various lens options and features available.

3. Our opticians perform multiple precise measurements of your eyes and facial features which are used to fabricate your new customized eyewear. A “PD measurement” alone is not enough to make a quality pair of glasses.

4. We accept your vision plan insurance. Most online vendors and optical stores do not. We are in-network providers for all major vision plans and we can check your benefits and accept payment directly from your plan which saves you from unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

5. We verify your individual prescription lenses for accuracy, we evaluate the frame sizing, and we approve the overall quality of workmanship before we contact you to pick up your new eyewear. Most online vendors do not check your prescription, and errors happen frequently.

6. 30-day purchase guarantee. After receiving your glasses, if you decide you don’t like the frame, you may exchange it for any other frame, minus a 20% restocking fee. If new lenses are required, only a small regrinding fee will be charged. Our friendly opticians are here to help.

7. Free lifetime adjustments and repairs. Our expert opticians adjust and custom fit your glasses as often as needed for as long as you have them, at no charge. We do not adjust or repair glasses that are purchased elsewhere for free.

8. Our doctors are available to review your prescription needs and recheck your vision if you have any difficulties (at no charge) and we will fix any problems. We want you to love your glasses!

9. We are a locally owned business. We employ local residents, giving more people in the Charlottesville area employment. We also support other neighborhood efforts such as fundraising initiatives for charities, schools, and sports teams. Independent businesses like ours contribute to the fabric of the Charlottesville community and what makes it special and unique.