What are Sensity lenses?

Sensity lenses are photochromic lenses, which darken when exposed to sunlight.  So whenever you step outside wearing these lenses, they will respond to light by darkening and become clear when you return indoors.

Why would you want Sensity lenses? 

If you wear eyeglasses and have prescription sunglasses, you can combine the two without having to switch back and forth between them.

Also, if you are sensitive to light, photochromic lenses can help you by adjusting to varied light conditions.  Photochromic lenses help to reduce glare.

Introducing Sensity Lenses by HOYA

Photochromic lenses have been around for some time, but the newly released Sensity provide superior performance and incredible comfort compared to other light reactive lenses.  Sensity lenses adjust well to harsh, varied light conditions.

Sensity light reactive lenses incorporate all the latest technology to ensure high quality and durability.

  • Stabilight Technology provides consistent performance in all types of climates and seasons
  • Sensity allows for excellent contrast and glare reduction
  • Exceptional optical quality due to Photochromic Precision Technology
  • Compatibility with other premium lens coatings
  • 100% UV Protection


Stabilight Technology enables lenses to get dark quickly, within an amazing 30 seconds!  Stabilight Technology has also improved color and density because it is less UV and temperature sensitive.

If you are looking for amazing, comfortable lenses that protect your eyes from harsh light and UV rays in an all-one-in solution, consider the new Sensity Lenses for your next pair of eyeglasses.  Sensity light reactive lenses offer superior performance and optical quality while protecting your eyes.

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