Offering durability and clear vision, Trivex lenses are up to 20% thinner (and as a result, about 10% lighter) than the typical polycarbonate lenses. Acquiring a pair of glasses that are at the same time comfortable, stylish, and protective is no longer an impossible dream. As advances in technology and design continue breaking the molds of protective and fashion eyewear alike, more and more people are searching for added protection, comfort, and clearer vision when shopping for frames. The combination of Trivex lenses with the expansive collection of high quality, brand name frames at Primary Eyecare guarantees that you will not need to compromise on your choice of style in order to protect your eyes.

Trivex Comfort: Thinner and Lighter

lightweight durable lensesThe impressive durability of Trivex material exceeds FDA impact strength requirements significantly. This allows the creation of “minus” lenses with even thinner centers to be safely utilized. Lenses constructed with Trivex material are produced to about a 1.0mm center thicknesss, which is nearly half the center thickness of the average polycarbonate lens. This reduction in thickness is possible in most prescription strengths except those lowest near zero. The thinner the lens, the lighter the weight, and the result is an even more comfortable pair of glasses for the patient.

Trivex Protection: Strength and Durability

When lenses offering impact-resistance and other protective qualities were first introduced, most of the practical applications of these technologies were geared toward the protective eyewear market, which typically includes children’s and sports-related eyewear. Trivex lenses offer greater impact resistance, complete UV protection, and more crisp optics… all at a lighter weight than the typical polycarbonate lens can offer.

Trivex Optical Clarity: Sharper Vision to the Edge

trivex2Polycarbonate lenses can cause mild “chromatic aberrations” that can alter the separation of colors seen through the lens. A very small percentage of people are sensitive to this, and it causes discomfort to the patient. Trivex lenses produce sharper peripheral vision due to the fact that they have fewer chromatic aberrations. Because of the increased These lenses also offer 100% UV protection, built right into the lenses themselves, offering superior protection from the harmful rays of UV radiation. When compared to 85-90% UV protection offered by polycarbonate lenses, Trivex is the clear choice for the ultimate in protection and comfort.

With access to exclusive frame collections from all the top brand names in fashion eyewear, The Optical at Primary Eyecare will have the perfect frame to fit your style and personal taste. Now, we can also offer high fashion in addition to added protection, durability, and clearer vision. Contact us today to set up your appointment!