The national pollen counts in May are often the highest of the entire year, and this is bad news for our eyes, particularly for contact lens wearers. Millions of Americans suffer from eye allergies, or allergic conjunctivitis, and this condition is often aggravated by contact lens use. Allergic conjunctivitis occurs in a rapid fashion as the result of exposure to pollen, grass, dust mites, chemical exposure, certain foods, or any other substance to which you are allergic. >> Learn more about eye allergies here!

With the rapid onset of airborne allergens in the spring and early summer, our eyes are working overtime producing more tears and mucus in an attempt to lubricate and flush the eyes clear of these irritants. Often, these actions can cause deposits to form on our contact lenses, leading to discomfort and potential eye health problems. Contacts, when properly fitted, cleaned, and used as directed should remain comfortable to wear, but eye allergies can make this seem impossible.

Allergies are one of the most common reasons why our patients report having discomfort while wearing their contacts. Many either adjust their contact wearing habits or abandon them all together until the bulk of the allergy season is over. One of the best solutions is to use a daily disposable contact lens, which are designed to be worn for a single day, and then replaced with a new, sterile pair. This ensures that you are giving your eyes a fresh, clean set of lenses each day, thereby eliminating the buildup of deposits and debris.


Peroxiclear Contact Lens Cleaning Solution from Bausch + LombIf you don’t wear a daily replacement contact lens, you rely on some multi-purpose disinfecting solution to clean your lenses.  However, these “all-in-one,” multipurpose solutions are insufficient during allergy season, and a stronger form of cleaning and disinfecting is needed.

Bausch + Lomb has recently launched a new peroxide-based cleaning and disinfecting solution for contact lenses. PeroxiClear is a new, unique formula that contains Triple-Moist Technology, which helps to provide up to 20 hours of moisture. PeroxiClear provides the disinfection efficacy you expect from a hydrogen peroxide solution, but neutralizes your contact lenses in only four hours, as compared to six other products. A peroxide-based cleaning solution is more effective at thoroughly cleaning your contacts, particularly during allergy season.


It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions for wearing and cleaning your contact lenses to ensure the very best vision and health of your eyes.  The most important maintenance requirement of a contact lens wearer is annual regular examinations with an eye doctor, so that the health of the cornea can be monitored. Overwear or misuse of contact lenses can have serious consequences, including blindness. Early and sometimes subtle signs of impending problems are often first detected by the doctor during an exam.

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