In today’s world, technology has provided many benefits to make our lives easier, safer, and more efficient. Electronic prescribing is a easy, safe, and efficient way for your eye doctor to handle your eye medication prescriptions. “eRx,” as it’s commonly called, is a way for your licensed optometrist to send your prescriptions electronically and directly to your pharmacy of choice. Electronic prescribing can save time, money, and help keep you safe.

  1. You don’t have to drop off and wait for your pharmacist to fill your prescription. Your electronic prescription may be ready when you get to the pharmacy!
  2. Prescribing doctors can see which medications are covered by your insurance and potentially prescribe a drug that costs you less.
  3. eRx (Electronic Prescriptions) are less likely to result in errors due to legibility than handwritten prescriptions. This means there’s less chance that you’ll get the wrong drug or dose.
  4. ePrescribers will have secure access to your medication history, so your eye doctor can be alerted to potential drug interactions, allergies, and/or other warnings.

The electronic prescribing process capitalizes on information exchange technologies which can alert doctors to potential drug interactions, allergies, or other cross reactions and/or side effects based on their individual patient’s history.

The eRx method has also enabled practices to cut down on the amount of paperwork involved with the historical prescribing methods (Rx pads, etc.), not to mention the prescription errors to due to illegible handwriting by the prescribing doctor. In the end, the Electronic Prescribing system is designed to better communication between patient and doctor, resulting in healthier patients, and at the same time providing safer, more efficient service to our patients.

Primary Eyecare has been utilizing the new eRx system for a few months, and we have seen the positive results of the increased availability of information as we treat our patients. Now, more than ever, we are taking into account our patient’s whole health – not just the health of their eyes!

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