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Dry Eye Syndrome is a common chronic condition. Individuals with this ocular surface disease suffer daily from aggravating, dry, irritated eyes and accompanying symptoms that are not easily relieved.

Dry eye sounds like a simple, self-explanatory problem, but it is actually quite complex. The symptoms and treatments of dry eye syndrome vary widely based on the root cause of the problem. A healthy tear layer provides several vital functions to our eyes, including lubrication (to soothe the friction caused by the eyelid when we blink), optimized optics, protection, and nourishment of the eye. In fact, excessive tearing can be a symptom of dry eyes, though it seems counterintuitive! For more information on tears and the role they play in dry eye, click here. Other possible causes of dry eyes include environmental conditions (allergies & dry, winter air), the natural process of aging (including hormonal changes in women during and after menopause), as well as side effects of numerous prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Our Dry Eye Clinic

The doctors at Primary Eyecare have long understood how pervasive this condition is in our community and offer The Dry Eye Clinic at Primary Eyecare – a specialized clinic for those who unnecessarily suffer from the chronic frustration and irritation of dry eyes, with or without the use of contact lenses. Many patients that suffer from autoimmune disease, including Sjogren’s Syndrome, are familiar with the symptoms of dry eyes have found relief from their symptoms at our Dry Eye Clinic. Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome includes a combination of options that will be customized for your specific dry eye symptoms.

Our Dry Eye Specialist

Our dry eye doctor, Dr. Michael Henderson concentrates on the most current and modern therapeutic treatment of dry eyes, which include a multitude of prescription medications, over the counter medications, and lifestyle and eye wear changes.

Many of our patients don’t realize that Dry Eye Syndrome is a treatable condition, and they live needlessly with eye irritation. We encourage anyone who has symptoms of dry eye to visit The Dry Eye Clinic at Primary Eyecare and be evaluated and tested for Dry Eye Syndrome. Dr. Henderson will customize a treatment plan for your specific case and help you manage this chronic but treatable condition.

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To request an appointment at The Dry Eye Clinic, please call our Barracks Road location at 434-977-2020 or request an appointment online.

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